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Ancient Dead Sea Therapy

Dead Sea - The World's ultimate natural spa!

From its shores to your home, you’ll find enriched minerals and plants combined for ultimate beauty…with Healing Minerals that provide bounteous rejuvenation.

Scientific Research has shown that plants growing near the Dead Sea possess ant-inflammatory properties, hair regrowth elements, gingivitis, intestinal problems….

Skin Conditions Relieved include acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, hair regrowth, herpes, wrinkles, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hematoma’s, warts, and cracks.

Plants & Minerals

Plants from the Dead Sea are hardly and strong... Because of the dry, arid climate.


From the Lowest Point on Earth... Harsh climate combination of low humidity, high temperatures.

Plants and Vegetation

Nutrient - Dense Soil, where the plants naturally adsorb vitamins and minerals.

Therapeutic Value

Clears Up Skin Problems from Nutrient - Dense Soils.

Highly Concentrated

For Vitality, Health and Beauty.

Mystical Waters

A Timeless Treasure Flows.

... Plants that embody the Nutrient - Dense vitamins and minerals of the Dead Sea and withstand the harsh Climate...