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Free Shipping - no minimum order required! Promo code FREESHIP
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Plants & Minerals

Plants from the Dead Sea are hardy and strong… because of the dry, arid climate


From the Lowest Point on Earth…Harsh climate combination of low humidity, high temperatures

Plants and Vegetation

Nutrient-Dense Soil, where the plants naturally absorb vitamins and minerals

Therapeutic Value

Clears Up Skin Problems from nutrient-dense soils

Highly Concentrated

For Vitality, Health & Beauty

Mystical Waters

A Timeless Treasure Flows

…Plants that embody the Nutrient-dense vitamins and minerals of the Dead Sea, AND withstand the harsh climate…

"I absolutely love the feeling when I put Mayanne on my face each night. It tightens my entire face and feels like I have put on a rejuvenating mask that is the most incredible feeling!"

- Melissa Ryan

"I use Aviv facial skin rinse in the evening, and it really soothes after daily effects of make-up, pollution etc. It also helps skin which is mildly acne-prone, and is great to calm rashes in babies skin, caused by diapers."

A. Hanson, Satisfied Mom

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